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This is an application process. Your details will remain private.

We ask our customer experience champions to tell us about their views and experience with our products. This is our way of maintaining quality and developing new products. We offer a product discount in lieu of any payment for your time and effort.

It is not mandatory for you to purchase one of our products before you can become a customer experience champion. You are not required to make future purchases. There is no charge for being a customer experience champion. We will never send you a product which you have not ordered and invoice you for it.

We reserve the right to withdraw the lifetime discount or change the percentage or terms associated with it, or the people who are eligible for it: we do this at our complete discretion and without notice. If your application is successful we will provide you with discount codes. The discounts can only be used for items which you purchase for your own use. The discounts cannot be used to purchase multiple packs at one time. The discounts cannot be used with any other incentive or discount or rewards program.

You can submit helpful feedback through our customer support page:

By the way when was the last time you left a product review on Amazon.  It’s a great way to help sellers and other buyers – find out how – HERE