LifeProLabs is pleased to announce its new range of high quality "super" supplements and its Ultra effective antiaging skincare range Emfai.

Emfai took two years to formulate and refine. It contains ingredients which have been selected for their dermatological relevance and suitability for everyday use. More than a 1000 antiaging ingredients including plant extracts and cutting edge peptides were screened to create a moisturising antiaging cream and serum which work.  

The dietary supplement Kakadu Extract 100% with its ALGqS trust seal is an authentic hand harvested superfood.  It has been used for thousands of years by the indigenous people of Arnhem Land NT Australia.  It is the world's highest natural source of vitamin C and contains a range of  impressive phytochemicals.

Forskolin Forte is also a dietary supplement and has been used for centuries in the East but only recently have it's health and metabolism secrets been discovered in the West.  It is taking the weight loss and body building communities by storm.

Our concentrated high quality formulations of Forskolin Forte give you considerable control over how much of each supplement you take so that you can achieve the effects you desire.  

LifeProLabs bases its products on researched findings and user feedback and seeks innovative bioactive ingredients which are shown to support healthy functioning of the body.  

Note: Like other dietary supplements, LifeProLabs supplements are not approved by regulatory agencies as a treatment, diagnosis or cure for disease.  

Kakadu Plumlifeprolabs forskolin forte

Forskolin Forte Premium 50%Emfai Serum

emfai cream

BKBrute Whey Protein Plus

If you suspect you have a medical
condition or you are using medications, please consult a medical professional before using efficacious products
like LifeProLabs Dietary Supplements. 

With skincare products always test
for sensitivity before using it on your face for the first time.  Apply a small test amount to the underside of your wrist or forearm.

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